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Welcome to the Ohio Board of Building Standards Online Training Website.

This website presents online video training in support of the Ohio Board of Building Standard's (BBS) efforts to promote implementation of Building and Energy Codes and related Building Science and Construction Best Practices. It is the intent of this website to promote design and construction of efficient, durable and sustainable buildings across the state of Ohio.

The Online Training Website is divided into sections for ease of navigation amongst subjects such as Moisture and Moisture Management, Mold, Building Performance, HVAC, Building Envelope, Building Codes and the like. The training video "Resource" modules are found under the category buttons at the top.

The Ohio BBS is dedicated to bringing ongoing training in support of the Code and Standards it administers, and encourage you to give us your feedback in the continued improvement of this training resource.

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The training videos on this website have been sponsored in part by resources from a number of industry partners; much like a Public Broadcasting Station underwrites its programming. The Ohio Board of Building Standards welcomes and appreciates that support, but also offers that it in no way endorses the business or products of any specific manufacturer over those of others.